__Festival 2017__ I am safe__


The central theme of the 2017 festival, I am safe, challenges the importance of security.
Where are we safe – in bunkers? Is there any security at all?
Delimiting; being concealed from danger; concealing intentions; securing and assuring oneself; all are reactions to today’s challenges in increasing globalization.
At a time when there is no longer a need for bunkers in Central Europe – since the entire European territory is “secured” at its outer borders; in an insuperable way; monitoring society is ubiquitous.
Millions of people are fleeing from war and economic insecurity and are homeless, therefore, the desire for security grows and the need for assurance, and to assure a society’s values.

The many, international Facebook posts, “I am safe”, where social net users can mark themselves as “safe” when they are in an acute danger zone, characterize the longing for reality; present; being heard, and a source of fellowship at a time when acts of terrorism can happen everywhere and suddenly.


Installation Adrian Palka & Wolfram Spyra


For many residents of Wünsdorf, the question of security exists, at present, as a result of the emergence of a large accommodation for fugitives.
These strange, unknown people from different countries and cultures, are perceived as a challenge, if not a threat.
The refugees in Wünsdorf are insecure in their new surroundings, whose culture is still unknown to them.
This local conflict forms the starting point for an exemplary interrogatory survey of people in Wünsdorf, Paris, Madrid, Istanbul, Jerusalem, Buenos Aires, Potsdam, and Berlin, to address their subjective sense of security.
The photographic and acoustic documentation of the survey is carried out in the bunkers by means of ‘musical’, performative, installative, and literary formats, and by involving international artists and the inhabitants of Wünsdorf themselves.